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One of the top goals of today’s criminal-justice-reform movement is to undo excesses of the past — heavy-handed laws that required long prison stretches for relatively minor offenses, by robbing judges of the discretion they traditionally had when it came to sentencing. But some reformers are now making exactly the same mistake.

Mind you, the Post wasn’t exactly reluctant to enthusiastically endorse the “heavy-handed laws.” There have been far too many tough-on-crime initiatives piled atop and beside each other over the past 40 years, from the inane “Three Strikes” laws to mandatory minimums, from the excessive sentences for drugs crafted in hysterical reaction to the overdose of Len Bias to the excessive sentences for corporate crime in the aftermath of Enron. Continue reading

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The story of how Houston Texans wide receiver Keith Mumphery was ousted from his job upon an old story being dredged up, and the story itself being a classic example of the failure of due process on multiple levels, was bad. honey | Rakuten Global Market: adidas SUPER STAR FOUNDATION J adidas Superstar Black Womens sneakers.

Mumphery graduated in 2014 and was going for his masters as he played for the Houston Texans. Until the Select shop Leap Town | Rakuten Global Market: PATRICK (Patrick) PATRICK/ Patrick OCEAN Velcro tape leather sneakers and asked the Texans how it missed this when drafting Mumphery. He was then unceremoniously TIGERS BROTHERS CO. LTD - FLISCO - | Rakuten Global Market: MINNETONKA Minnetonka Kilty Suede Mocassin KILTY SUEDE MOC HARDSOLE キルティスェードモカシン * women's #400/#401T/#402/#403/#406/#407T/#409 adults like Minnetonka shoes! [SK]. It’s #MeToo time.

Mumphery did the best thing he could do, retain Andrew Miltenberg to sue the notorious Michigan State, long-time home of sexual abuser Larry Nasser whose decades of abuse were ignored. The college had to get out from under its reputation of protecting Nasser, and Mumphery was an excellent person to sacrifice. Miltenberg was s-maniac | Rakuten Global Market: Engineer boots Lady's genuine leather ショートヨースケ YOSUKE ※(reservation) ships it within three business days. Continue reading

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A legion of lawyers, judges and law professors hate the Sentencing Guidelines. I am not one of them. From the beginning, I thought that the Guidelines made sense because they held out the hope that unwarranted sentencing disparity could be addressed, if not eliminated.

When the poorly reasoned sentencing decisions by the Supreme Court came out that ultimately turned the Sentencing Guidelines into Swiss cheese (based, as they were, on a misreading of history at the time of the Founding[i]), we show ponies (federal judges) were off to the races. Always insanely jealous of our prerogatives, a large number of us began to sentence people as we liked despite what our colleagues down the hall did in similar circumstances.

We now know for certain that what sentence you receive in the same federal court in the same large city often depends upon what judge you draw, and the difference is frequently significant. U.S. Sentencing Commission, Intra-City Differences in Federal Sentencing Practices, Federal District Judges in 30 Cities, 2005 – 2017, p. 7 (2019) (stating simply: “In most cities, the length of a defendant’s sentence increasingly depends on which judge in the courthouse is assigned to his or her case.”)February | Rakuten Global Market: ARMEN (Amen) cotton canvas low-frequency cut sneakers, NAMC0701-0341701 (“Intra-City Differences”).couleur varie | Rakuten Global Market: Co.37835 bass Kraft color order driving shoes (women's) (21 21.5 cm 25 cm 25.5 cm fashion women's shoes fashion cute adult cute drive shoe) 10P24Oct15 Continue reading

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A baseball bat is a wonderful and extremely useful sporting good item. It’s also a vicious weapon, if swung at one’s head. It’s not the fault of the bat that it can be both, but the nature of its use. Knives work in a similar way, great for cutting one’s food, opening boxes, cutting rope and threatening to gut someone if they fail to hand over their money.

But then, New York’s gravity knife law wasn’t directed at the possession of all knives, because everyone understood that knives, per se, weren’t objects of evil. Instead, it was a CLOUDMODA | Rakuten Global Market: Doctor Martin Dr.MARTENS14353001 BLACK MONO, a moment’s hysteria. GIs returning from WWII brought back Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messers, German paratrooper knives, which were without question gravity knives. They scared people, because the knives came out of nowhere and who, but for someone evil, would carry such evil knives? importshopdouble | Rakuten Global Market: TORY BURCH Tolly Birch espadrille NAVY SEA/ROYAL TAN dark blue SHAW show

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On top of the world, the view is spectacular.

Looked around, but didn’t find David here. I’ll keep looking.

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Out of here for a bit. I won’t have much internet access, so I’ve sent David the keys to the joint while I’m away. Please don’t let him crash the Healey.

Have fun and be well.

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What if you took a bunch of ideas that all your most passionate pals agreed were either cool, edgy, just or moral, and mixed them together in a big pot? You would end up with San Francisco.

The basic problem is the steady collapse of livability. Across my home state, traffic and transportation is a Valentino Rockstud Flats Size US 9.5 Regular (M, B). Child care and education seem impossible for all but the wealthiest. The problems of affordable housing and homelessness have surpassed all superlatives — what was a crisis is now an emergency that feels like a dystopian showcase of American inequality.

The problem with reducing problems to the “basic problem” is why Farhad Manjoo, and those who view their world with the facile simplicity that created this American Experiment in progress can stare their failure in the face and still fail to understand how everything went awry. Prada Black Suede Ankle Boots/Booties Size EU 38.5 (Approx. US 8.5) Regular (M, B)

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Doug Glanville got video bombed while doing a Cubs game. He didn’t know it at the time, but found it soon enough.

Ambiguity has always been a friend to racism.

On May 7, during a television broadcast of a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field, I was on camera doing in-game commentary for NBC Sports Chicago when, unbeknown to me, a fan behind me wearing a Cubs sweatshirt made an upside-down “O.K.” sign with his hand.

He’s right that ambiguity has always been a friend to racism, but the problem is that ambiguity is a friend to everything, because it’s ambiguous, and thus susceptible to many interpretations, all of which are similarly valid and invalid because that’s the nature of ambiguity. Balenciaga Grey New Triple S Chunky Sneakers Blue 38 Sneakers Size US 8 Regular (M, B)

Chris Darden Confronts The “Threatener’s Veto”

With the attention given the Ron Sullivan debacle at being punished by the unduly passionate children of Harvard, former OJ prosecutor Chris Darden’s dilemma has largely gone unnoticed. It’s surprising, since it carries all the usual sexy indicators: a murdered celebrity, a well-known lawyer and death threats. Yet, it has remained largely in the shadows. Céline Black Delivery Running Sneaker Sneakers Size EU 39 (Approx. US 9) Narrow (Aa, N).

The threatening phone calls to Chris Darden’s law office began almost immediately. The messages on Instagram and Facebook trickled in soon after, some from anonymous accounts.

One caller left a voicemail, Darden recalled, saying he hoped someone would walk up behind the attorney and shoot him in the head.

“And I’m a shooter,” the voice said.

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Tuesday Talk*: What’s “Deserve” Got To Do With It?

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If we are a nation that can pay baseball players hundreds of millions of dollars, don’t tell me we can’t afford to pay teachers the salaries they deserve.

Is this a false equivalency, or maybe just a non-sequitur? Or should we put aside the multitude of reasons why a comparison between star ballplayers and teachers fails on every level and focus instead on the latter part of Bernie’s being Bernie. What do teachers “deserve”? What does “deserve” have to do with what they get paid? Hermès Brown Brighton 2ht916 Boots/Booties Size EU 38 (Approx. US 8) Regular (M, B)